Adult Bed Wetting Causes

Causes of Adult Bed Wetting

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you know how embarrassing it can be. Most people don’t understand that it still can happen in adulthood. There are multiple reasons for adult bedwetting, also known as sleep enuresis. The reasons include genetics, hormone imbalance, small bladder, overactive bladder muscles, urinary tract infection, medications, and stress. These are not the only reasons for sleep enuresis, but they are the main ones.

adult bed wetting
bed wetting

Genetics and Hormones

Family history is the first place to look if sleep enuresis is a common occurrence. The chances of sleep enuresis increase dramatically if one or both parents suffer from the same condition, whether as children or adults. Hormones send signals to the kidneys to decrease the amount of urine produced. The specific hormone involved in this communication is called antidiuretic hormone (ADH). Bodies normally produce more ADH during the night to avoid nocturnal enuresis. Some people do not produce the appropriate amount of this hormone, which leads to higher urine production. The body can produce the ADH on a normal level, but the kidneys do not respond. The overproduction of urine during sleep is called nocturnal polyuria. This disorder causes sleep enuresis in adults and is linked to type 1 diabetes. If sleep enuresis is a common occurrence, seek a medical professional.

Small and Overactive Bladder

People with a small bladder do not actually have a physically smaller bladder than others. Their operational bladder capacity can hold a smaller volume. When the bladder muscles, known as detrusor muscles, are overactive, sleep enuresis can occur. About 70-80 percent of patients with sleep enuresis suffered from an overactive bladder. Alcohol and caffeine are some of the main irritants of the bladder.

Medications and Stress

Medications for hypnotics, insomnia, and psychiatric medicines can produce the side effect of adult bedwetting. If the medication(s) you are on is used to treat one of these problems, seek out a medical professional for a consultation. Stress and anxiety from the day or from a nightmare can cause people to wet the bed.

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