Health Apps: The Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Health and Fitness

appHealth Apps: The Best Mobile Apps to Improve Your Health and Fitness

With all the new tech developments coming out every month, it might be hard to know which ones should be taken seriously. When looking for trackers, some might track only specific parts of your health, such as your hydration or sleep schedule. In the age of technology, there is something perfect for you, but it will take a little digging, luckily we have taken the time to mark the best health tracking apps. Below we have assimilated the best fitness apps to help you keep you healthy.

Health and Workout Trackers

Most apps mentioned will be available on both IOS and Android app stores so don’t worry. Are you looking for a good workout regimen that lasts between 30-45 minutes with video explanations of each lift? You will want to start looking into the Nike Training Club app. With over 100 workouts by Nike trainers and athletes, this app offers refreshing new ways to workout out different sections of your body each day and is essential when new to working out. Whether it’s strength, endurance, or mobility, this app is sure to help get you on the right track.

Looking for something to track those calories to avoid overeating or to stick to a diet? Argus, the calorie counter and step counter, can fulfill the need. Argus provides a sleep and heart rate counter to help keep track of even the most irritating parts of your health.

Fun Active Apps

Want something to keep you entertained while getting a walk in or running a few errands? Pokemon Go, based on the 90’s cartoon series, has you covered. Although not necessarily a fitness tracker, Pokemon Go makes users travel around their local neighborhood and city, searching for Pokemon to catch. With personal testimonies of how Pokemon Go has gotten millions active, it is safe to say that the app can help put good habits into your life while giving a reward for traveling far distances. Another fun app that gets you active is Zombies Run. The app is an interactive game, based on escaping zombies and collecting supplies as you run. With over 200 missions to complete, you can get a full run in while collecting prizes on the way.

A Good Cause or Something Different

Want to raise money for a good cause while working out? Charity Miles earns you 25 cents per mile for any charity you would like to donate towards. Want to work your way from couch to running marathons? C25K might be the answer. This app helps train nonrunners for 5k marathons and makes the claim that it can get you there in eight weeks. With training plans, mixed with running and walking, this app is sure to help you reach your goal over a committed amount of time. Want to become a yoga expert? Daily Yoga teaches beginners in yoga different poses and routines to make yourself an expert in no time.

We hope these apps will help get you active and provide better encouragement in tracking your health. For more of the best health and fitness apps, stay tuned for future updates and app developments.

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