Zodiac Signs & Possible Health Links Part Two

We are back with part two of our Zodiac signs and possible health risk. It’s important to remember that health problems cannot be predictive on the star you were born under, but tendencies can give us a glimpse of potential health problems. If you missed part one of our Zodiac signs & health check it out here.


To begin part two of our list, the risky Scorpios. Zodiac Scorpios are all about taking risk, which can lead to delayed health check-ups or even eating at the places known for food poisoning. Scorpios can be the adventurous type, who isn’t afraid of jumping out of planes or even scaling a mountain. This type of risky behavior not only raises insurance rates but can also lead to potential accidents.


Cancer Zodiac Signs are known for being indecisive, unpredictable, and insecure. This sign might be more susceptible to depression due to how often they worry about rejection and are prone to being hurt. Health worries might be more internal and emotional stability needs to often be accounted for.


Sagittarius are known for their confidence and ability to be joyful even in the worst situations. The sign is known for overindulgence specifically on the food side, which can lead to health problems. Sagittarius are susceptible to putting on weight due to overindulgence and can even lead to obesity.


The Aquarius sign is known for worrying. The sign will do just about anything to try to get their mind right, but anxiety also plays a role in their frequent panic. This can lead to an addictive personality for those who turn to substance abuse to ease their mind whether that is cigarettes or drinking.


The Zodiac Pisces are known for their sensitive build. Minor changes in eating habits, overexertion, or even lifestyle changes can be hard to adjust to. Something as simple as working out can be rough on a Pisces body as well as changes in the weather. Those random bruises might be more common due to their sensitive build and extreme conditioning might turn them away from physical activity.


Finally, Libras Zodiac’s are known for taking good care of their health physically and mentally but are prone to insecurities. Whether its a rash or a skin disease Libras often tend to try and tackle things out of their control. Libras enjoy being in peak performance. Natural disease or anything that is random can send them into a spiral of self-consciousness.

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