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Did you know that castor oil offers many health benefits? The oil comes from the seeds of the castor plant, and the oil’s topical benefits go as far back as ancient Egypt. Back then, people used the oil as a medicine and a beauty enhancement. Today, India, China, and Brazil are the primary growers of these plants. So, how can castor oil help your body?

Applying Castor Oil to the Skin

For many centuries, physicians used this oil to induce labor. So, if you are pregnant, do not apply castor oil to any part of your body.

When you use this oil, it can be an advantageous moisturizer for your skin. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid plentiful in ricinoleic acid. These traits prevent the skin from losing water. The oil also houses humectant properties. This natural phenomenon collects moisture from the air and applies it to your skin. Wow! That is quite a benefit. The anti-inflammatory properties in this oil may also treat irritated skin. Castor oil can additionally protect your skin from bacterial infections by combatting the presence of disease-causing microbes. Do you want to clean your skin more effectively? The triglycerides in the oil can assist in cleaning your skin by removing dirt.

Since this oil is a good moisturizer, it should help manage a dry scalp, correct? Yes, it does. The antibacterial and antifungal traits can moisturize your scalp and reduce dandruff. It can also strengthen and boost hair growth on your head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The oil application can also help your body heal from wounds. In 2013, researchers found that a spray containing a mixture of balsam of Peru, castor oil, and trypsin, an enzyme, helped heal an 81-year-old man’s abdominal surgical wound. Other topical therapies were applied. However, each one failed to yield successful results. The spray combination with the castor plant’s oil healed the wound after 38 days of application.

If you decide to apply castor oil to your skin, start with a small portion of your skin to see how your body responds to the oil. Some individuals might suffer from an allergic reaction.

Can You Consume Castor Oil?

Applying this oil to your body brings plenty of benefits, but the oil is not necessarily safe to ingest. Some people believe a small amount serves as a good laxative, and the Food and Drug Administration says it is safe for treating temporary constipation. Medical professionals do not recommend using castor oil to treat long-term constipation because of the side effects such as bloating and cramping. Improper use of this oil or other laxatives can be harmful and result in life-threatening electrolyte and acid-base imbalances.

Remember to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before applying or consuming castor oil.  

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