Will Anthem’s Merger with Aspire Give Them a Competitive Edge?

anthemWill Anthem’s Merger with Aspire Give Them a Competitive Edge?

It seems Anthem is planning to expand its reach, with confirmed talks of purchasing Aspire Health. Anthem hopes to purchase Aspire Health in order to keep up with the competition. With many healthcare providers merging with companies to gain a competitive edge, it seems Anthem is stepping up. So what can Anthem insurees expect from the buy-out and how will it affect their healthcare? Today, we will cover this and more as we look at the Anthem merger.

Anthem and Aspire

Anthem CEO Gail Boudreaux released a statement on the sudden interest in the purchase, stating ” Anthem is focused on enhancing our ability to offer innovative, integrated clinical care models that can improve the quality of healthcare and deliver better outcomes.” This seems very possible with the purchase of Aspire since both Aspire and Anthem share the perspective of how important role of integrated care is. “With the addition of Aspire Health to Anthem’s other clinical care assets such as CareMore Health and AIM, we will be able to offer our consumers, customers, and other health plan and provider partners a broader array of programs and services that meet their diverse needs and drive future growth opportunities for our company,” said Boudreaux.

Who Is Aspire?

Aspire is located in 25 states and has more than 20 health plans to offer to consumers. One of Aspires advantages is the proprietary predictive clinical and claims-based patient algorithms to identify patients with a serious illness who may benefit from an extra layer of support. This system can assign a care team of nurses, physicians, and more to help clients in the areas they need. This team approaches a way to manage your symptoms while providing advance care planning. They also coordinate care with other medical professionals including your primary care physician.

With Aspire, Anthem can compete with the big wigs of the health industry. With mergers, such as Cigna and Express Script, CVS and Aetna, and Walmart and Humana, Anthem has to keep up with the competition. Will its merger with Aspire really be able to keep Anthem as a leading healthcare provider? Stay tuned for more updates on the status of the merger and plan details.

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