The Common Risk/Mistakes When Using Social Media

The Common Risk/Mistakes When Using Social Media social media

Social media is the wave of the future. In seconds, we are able to communicate with millions of followers by sharing photos, ideas, or opinions. From as early as 8 to as old as 80, you can find a wide range of people who use social media. With so many people having social media accounts, it’s hard to think that there is a negative to the social networks. Turns out even with social media there comes a few risks that of which you should be aware. Today, I’m going to go over the most common risk/mistakes when using social media!

 Inconsistent Posting & Managing

Around 90% of the US population has some sort of social media account. This means there is a  huge market for you to act on to create new business. But it’s also important to understand the risk of marketing to such a large market. Make sure you don’t accidentally post anything you didn’t mean on social media. Most people who run a professional social media account also have their own personal one. Be sure to check which account you are posting on before finishing a post, a wrong post could turn away potential clients. A good way to manage what you are posting can be done on social media management websites, such as Managing your social media account also takes a lot of work and has to be worked on every day. A common mistake from management pages is a consistent post.

Wrong Exposure

You can also create the wrong type of exposure for yourself, by attracting the wrong crowds without crowd control, inappropriate posts, and incorrect information. These things can discredit your social media page, which can lead to fewer viewers or even negative ratings. You will want to avoid topics, such as politics, race, sexual preference, religion, and other topics that are personal stances you have on subjects. Sharing topics of sadness, fake news, or videos/photos that you have not received permission for.

Personal Information

This info goes for both personal and business-related pages. Don’t share personal information like vacation dates and times; this is the best way to say “rob me” online. Never share personal locations or images that might geotag a certain area. You never want to post personal messages or images, due to the fact that all that information is stored in the online database. Never complain about co-workers or bosses online, due to the fact that anyone can see that information. You don’t want to put relationship information online, i.e. fights or anything else that might be happening. Think of anything you post through a grandma lenses. Would your grandma view your post as clean, decent, or respectable? If not, you might not want to post it!

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