Loneliness: The Rising Problem in America’s Population

LonelinessLoneliness: The Rising Problem in America’s Population

Humans are social creatures. We like to be in communication with those around us. Whether its based on ideas, religion, football team, or even love, we like to be able to be in a community together. Without a community we can call our own, life tends to get lonely. Loneliness can lead to serious health and mental problems. Today, we will discuss the serious risk of loneliness and the effect on your well being.

Why Are We So Lonely?

Over the past few years, the ways that we communicate have expanded so broadly – from social media, texting, to even facetime. But even though the ways we communicate have new outlets in 2018, people are feeling more lonely than ever before. In 2018 alone, nearly half of Americans have reported feeling lonely. Loneliness stays for some time whether that be a few hours or days. It is difficult to get out of this slump because as many of us know, being with other people doesn’t mean that you’re not lonely. Some people feel that they cannot express or share thoughts with people. Some have pain that they’re holding in to be strong. Some people just don’t want to burden others. It’s a hard task to deal with by yourself, and many people end up failing without support.

Threats to Your Health

Loneliness also has health consequences, and it’s not limited to mental or physical. Whether it’s laziness that comes from loneliness, not wanting to be productive, or even get out of bed, we could shut ourselves off from the world and get lost in our head. Over an extended amount of time, loneliness can cause weight gain and even lead to a premature death. Mentally, loneliness can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, or even anxiety. Loneliness can also lead to addiction because you try to find something to fill the empty void you might be feeling. Hoarding can also be a side effect, due to not wanting to give things up or wanting to find comfort in the things you have.

Loneliness Cures

Loneliness isn’t a small feat to push through. It takes time and personal effort to even open up to others, so here are a few ways to help you get out of that murky feeling. You can connect with people through sports teams or talking to others who have similar hobbies and interests. You can always volunteer at local community centers or even senior centers. Improving your ability to open up to others through social skills or increasing your interaction with the world can help improve your ability to communicate your feelings to others. Reconnect with old friends or even go out of your way to meet new ones. The more you try the better chance you will have of opening up and getting out of your slump.

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