Virtual Reality Advantages and Disadvantages

A woman uses virtual reality outdoors.

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Advances in virtual reality (VR) have come a long way in the last few decades. Multiple industries utilize virtual reality, and there are quite a few advantages to this technology as well as some disadvantages.

Virtual Reality Advantages

A traumatic event in a person’s life can cause a person to experience intense fearful reaction to sights, sounds, or other factors that bring back the memory of the trauma. As a result, a person with PTSD could avoid circumstances that remind them of the event. A virtual reality setting may reduce stress in those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) could present the opportunity to tackle fears in a safe environment. Generally, the extended exposure to traumatic elements permits people to begin coping with the anxiety associated with the event and change how they think about it. Sometimes the VRET allows the person to become accustomed to the event triggers and stress responses become less intense.

Virtual reality also allows people to receive training in their occupations to better serve the public and consumers. For instance, surgeons can practice performing surgery in a virtual world to improve their skills. Some educational institutions found that this technology helped surgeons find alternative surgical approaches in advance and find the safest and best possible method. Factory workers may also receive virtual reality training to assist them in their dangerous tasks. Assembly line workers at automotive manufacturers have implemented this new simulation training for employees to practice their jobs in a safe environment and to develop confidence.

One can also engage in VR as a leisure activity. I personally have never done so, but apparently, virtual reality is a popular form of entertainment with 65.9 million VR users in the United States in 2023 and 171 million worldwide. Some of these games might also require physical activity, which could help individuals’ health when they engage in this form of exercise. One reporter tested her physical attributes with a week of VR training and discovered significant improvements in her cardiovascular fitness, body composition, balance, and muscle strength.

Virtual Reality Disadvantages

Playing games in a virtual world might be fun for a while, but like any form of entertainment, too much virtual reality can negatively impact users. VR participants who play too often can get headaches, dizziness, and eye strain.

An addiction to virtual gaming or video games in general, could lead to becoming antisocial and not getting enough time outside. We know that getting proper sunlight each day has multiple benefits, including getting fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. If you decide to participate in any form of video gaming, it is best practice to do so in moderation and do not let it consume your life.

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