Mental Health Disorders In Children

One in seven children and teenagers develop at least one type of mental health disorder each year. With around 7.7 million falling into this category, about half never seek treatment for their health disorders. When left untreated, mental health problems can worsen and the longer it remains the harder it becomes to treat. What are the dangers of lasting mental disorders and how is it effecting our younger population? Today we will look at the possibilities of health problems when not treated for mental health issues.

Children Struggling With Mental Health

Mental health problems left untreated can lead to severe problems for those battling disorders. Mental disorder issues vary from anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more. According to a study of the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health (under 17) of the 46.6 million children about 16.5% of the population struggled with at least one mental health disorder.

Depression & More

When left unattended Mental disorders tend to cause more problems such as neglecting physical health causing a stability issue in both your psyche and physical conditions. Mental illness also affects the way people cope with everyday life. This struggle can lead to a depression state even making it hard to get out of bed each day. With mental disorders left untreated your work life, social life, and even home life is threatened.

Suicidal Risk

Mental disorders can also make coping with reality hard giving rise to suicidal thoughts. With more than 90% of suicides attributed to untreated mental illness, the risk of disorders should not be taking lightly. Your brain can go through experiences making you feel more vulnerable clouding your judgment ability even going as far as shutting yourself up to the rest of the world.

Prevention & Help

With understanding mental health risk its important that we are able to find help. One way to identify mental disorder issues in children is taking a youth screening which helps identify anything out of the ordinary that might be a sign of mental illness. Once the screenings are done a professional child psychiatrist is worth looking into. With so many problems in the world we tend to look over mental issues. If you feel your child might be experiencing struggles in this category reach out to your doctor or even the Mental health Hotline Numbers.

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