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While everyone has been busy at home trying to avoid a state of endless boredom, the environment has seen some positive changes. A newly published COVID-19 Air Quality Report shows that air pollution is hitting record lows in some of the more notoriously polluted cities in the world. The report […]

Air Pollution Levels Have Dropped

Learning to Cope with Change and Stress Stress and change are scary, especially with uncertainty. Change is particularly scary. Change is new, and we as humans don’t tend to like new things. We like to stay comfortable and in our own routine. However, change is just a part of life. […]

Learning to Cope with Change and Stress

SSA offices closed
Social Security (SSA) Close In-Person Service As of March 17, Social Security (SSA) made the decision to close all in-person service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision came in an effort to protect the population the Social Security offices serve. Older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions are […]

Social Security Close In-Person Service

The effects of bullying on teenagers and adolescents Before we can get into this topic, we first need to define “bullying.” The American Psychological Association defines bullying as “a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort.” Bullying can take the form of […]

The effects of bullying on teenagers and adolescents

CMS announced on April 21st that freestanding Emergency Rooms (ER) in Texas, Colorado, Delaware, and Rhode Island have been temporarily approved to see Medicare and Medicaid enrollees to help reduce pressure seen on hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. Usually, federal regulations do not allow a freestanding ER to bill Medicare and […]

Freestanding ER To See Medicare and Medicaid Patients

Despite uncontrollable factors, there are ways to prevent Osteoporosis. And the earlier you start the better. Osteoporosis is linked to hereditary factors that you can not change, such as sex, age, and genes. However, you can improve and even prevent weakened bones by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet. Eating […]

Prevent Osteoporosis While You Are Young

Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance Awareness May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, a time when the insurance industry comes together to do something about the enormous gap that exists between Americans’ need for disability insurance and the actual coverage they have. Disability insurance is a form of income protection that pays a percentage […]

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Ever-changing news regarding the coronavirus is hard to keep up with. The best way to help your community get through this is to stay at home, maintain your distance from anyone around you, wash your hands regularly, and disinfect any surfaces you often use. Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s […]

New COVID-19 App

Perhaps the only good news being projected recently has been that of COVID-19 survivors. Their recovery process has been brutal, no doubt, but how are patients recovering from the virus? What does the process entail? Doctors have done plenty of research in an attempt to discover the how to recover […]

COVID-19 Recovery Process