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An hour glass is photographed with a clock in the background.
Maximize Your Day We all have 24 hours given to us each day. How can you maximize your day? Certain actions we take can make our day better and more productive. The way we spend our time each day is critical to maintaining a healthy body and achieving success in […]

Maximize Your Day

Diverse group of people participating in a team building activity 1
What is Cross-Cultural Communication? People who share geographic space, experiences, and history develop a pattern of behavior and norms known as culture. Culture comprises ideas, beliefs, value systems, language, and lifestyles that a group of people shares. “We express our culture through foods, celebrations, music, art, laws, customs, rituals, and language. Culture […]

What is Cross-Cultural Communication?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Humans sweat to keep cool, but considering the alternatives, you should be grateful for your glow. Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels.
Turn of the Season, Turn Off the Sweat Well, folks, summer is at an end, and fall is fast upon us, so we should be delving into our coat closets and costume bins and gearing up for the gold-toned glory that is autumn. I am particularly excited for the turn of the […]

Sweat: A Closer Look at Thermoregulation