Paying Medical Bills

Medical bills are overly expensive and somewhat terrifying. After going through a medical crisis, the last thing people need is an overwhelming medical bill. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about a quarter of U.S. adults said they, or someone in their household, had difficulty paying medical bills recently. About half of that group claimed the bills had a major financial impact on their families. Even though medical bills can consume most people’s income, there are a few things that can be done if the bills can’t be paid. Some of the best ways to pay off medical debt are; check bills for errors, negotiate medical bills, or get help paying the bills.

Checking Medical Bills

First, confirm that the hospital bill is correct. Check the itemized statement and the audit for unnecessary charges and double billing. The insurance company might not be paying for what they should. If this might be the case, call the insurance company and go over the itemized statement. If there are still questions, compare the itemized statement to personal medical records. There will probably be a fee that varies by state. Medical billing errors are very common. Because of the common errors, it pays to look over the bills.


Calling the hospital’s billing office or debt collector could be beneficial. They will help create an installment plan to make the bill more affordable. A zero-interest installment plan is usually an option. Another way to negotiate medical bills is to ask to pay the insurance rate. The insurance rate can be lower than the specific health care facilities price.

Get Help Paying Medical Bills

Nonprofit hospitals are required to provide financial assistance to patients who qualify. Some for-profit hospitals offer these programs voluntarily which means it is worth asking about. It is also worth applying for financial assistance. There may not be a large chance to receive any financial aid, but it may pay off.

Paying medical bills is often very stressful. The stress can be avoided if you speak to a healthcare professional and find the health insurance right for you. Since insurance choices can be confusing, we want to help you understand what coverage you need and how to save money getting it. We want to answer your questions. 

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