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As the Summer break comes to an end, it is a hurry to try to get the kids prepared for school. That may mean buying new clothes and shoes, picking the perfect backpack, or finding the big pack of crayons with all the best colors. Whatever back-to-school prep means for you, do not forget the most important thing, your child’s health!

A child’s immune system is not as developed as an adult’s immune system, so children are more susceptible to getting sick. Schools and daycare centers are a hotspot for germs and infections since the children are in close contact with one another. You cannot follow along and keep an eye on your child, but you can promote healthy habits they will take with them throughout the school year. Read further to gain some health tips you can implement for the upcoming school year.

Health Tip #1 – Teach Good Hygiene

The simplest way to do your part in keeping your child healthy is by teaching them good hygiene, specifically, washing their hands. Make it fun, and encourage them to sing the alphabet song or happy-birthday song. It will teach them the appropriate amount of time they should spend washing their hands.

You also want to set an example. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom and wash your hands before sitting down to eat food. Also, make them aware that hand sanitizer is a good alternative.

Health Tip #2 – Prioritize Sleep

Being healthy is closely tied to the amount of sleep that you get. During the summer, most kids develop a terrible sleep schedule. So, it is critical to start putting them back into a routine that gets them at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night. You might decide to end screen time about an hour before bed.

Health Tip #3 – Focus on Nutrition

Research has found that getting proper nutrition leads to better academic performance. It is vital to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Furthermore, confirm your child is eating a nutritious lunch at school. Some children may not have enough time to eat a full meal, or they have food preferences that cause them to throw out their school-provided lunch. If that is the case, try to prepare for them a healthy lunch that you know will get eaten. Finally, you may want to have a snack lined up after school. Most schools tend to have lunchtime early in the day. To avoid excessive hunger, give them a light snack to hold them through dinner.

While you are working toward getting everything else ready for back to school, do not forget to discuss these essential health tips.

If you want to take care of your child’s mental health in school, read more about anxiety and depression in children.

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