Religion: The Health Benefits of Having A Grounded Faith

religionReligion: The Health Benefits of Having A Grounded Faith

There are many different beliefs on existence throughout the world. These beliefs carry people through life and impact moralities. So how exactly does that relate to our health? Does having a religion impact our health positively? Are there any health benefits of religion? Today, we will look at studies done on health and its correlation to religion.

Health Benefits of Religion

A religion is a belief in and worship of a personal God or gods. A research done on happiness stated that 40% of highly religious U.S. adults describe themselves as “very happy,” compared with 29% of those who are less religious. Faith encourages healthy behaviors, such as limiting how much you should drink or even who you associate yourself with. You may not be encouraged to eat all that healthy, but religious laws sometimes tell us not to overeat or how to stay “clean.” It is important to note that all religions do not teach the same things fundamentally. But on a broad spectrum, all teach similar moral doctrines.


Some might believe that our morals reside in us at the beginning of life, but history shows that this is not true. We all do have a sense of morality, but religion does play a foundational role with different religious groups spawning at the dawn of man. Morality is the principle concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. For instance, showing compassion for others’ suffering and wanting to do something about it is one sense of morality. Another moral good is being honest and truthful. Spreading kindness and being considerate of others is also a foundational truth in morality. With no clue of where morality comes from, being found in nearly all religions says something about its foundation.

How Faith Helps Emotional and Mental Health

Having faith also helps your emotional and mental health.  According to a study done by Harold Koenig, director of Centers for Spirituality at Duke University,  “church membership was the only type of social involvement that predicted greater life satisfaction and happiness.” You are also more likely to find the support and help you need in your religious group, which you might not find in your friend groups for fear of judgment. A faith also helps reduce stress. Praying, for example, reduces high blood pressure that is due to stress. Faith also gives us a reason for joy, which is different from happiness. Joy is more beneficial, as it is less transitory than happiness not tied to external circumstances. With the joy you can receive from your faith, no matter what might be going on you will be okay and there is a light at the end of all trials.

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