Antibiotics And Misuse In The United States

We have all used antibiotics in the past. The drugs have been in use for all types of treatment to stop, kill, and prevent the spreading of bacterial infections. In recent studies, a remarkable amount of those drugs has been in misuse especially in the United States. Antibiotic misuse can lead to super bacteria and if not careful can cause a resistance to its effects. Today we will look at antibiotic usage in the U.S. and the correct way to use your prescriptions.

When To Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics are often used to fight germs and most importantly kill bacteria. These drugs are for infections that are unlikely to clear up with just an immune system. Bacteria that might infect others if not treated is another use for a prescription. Infections that might take too long to clear up without treatment can also call for the use of antibiotics as well as for bacteria that carry a risk of further complications. Antibiotics are available only through referral. A physician visit will need to occur and if needed, your doctor will prescribe you a certain dosage.

Misuse Of Antibiotics

Unfortunately, many people in the U.S. have been receiving these drugs without seeing a doctor. Whether it be leftovers from a previous visit or shared drugs from family and friends people are accessing these drugs when not needed. Taking antibiotics when not needed can cause bacterial resistance or antibiotic resistance, both being a growing problem. Bacterial resistance is the capacity of bacteria to withstand the effects of antibiotics or biocides that are intended to kill or control them. Developing resistance to antibiotics can create a need to have stronger prescriptions due to ineffectiveness.

Each year, nearly 2 million people in the U.S. develop infections that are resisting antibiotics. With the rise of this resistance, some cases result in death. If not handled properly the diseases that have long since had a cure, become more difficult to treat. You can play your part in helping the fight by:

  • Not taking antibiotics unless needed.
  • Finishing your pills.
  • By getting vaccinations.

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