How to Sleep Well Pt. 1

sleep well

Causes of Poor Sleep

Millions of Americans suffer from lack of sleep or sleep deprivation. Even going to bed early does not guarantee a proper amount of rest. There are 10 major reasons that cause poor sleep. These reasons are late night snacks, anxiety, temperature, electronics, alcohol, caffeine, sleeping schedule, exercising, artificial light, and sleep apnea. This article is going to be covering the first 4 topics.

Late Night Snacks

Midnight snacks are often romanticized as kids and treated with normality as adults. Eating snacks late at night is incredibly detrimental to personal diet and the metabolic process. In addition to the destruction of the metabolism, snacking before bedtime can cause heartburn or the urge to wake up and pee during the night.


People are filled with stresses from the day and life hits hard. All these problems cause a ball of stress to constrict the chest and keep the mind going long after turning out the lights. Thinking about the day’s struggles only causes more anxiety to build up.


The human body is a very delicate thing. If the body temperature raises just 2 degrees, it will become sick. Because bodies are so sensitive to temperature, a minor change of just 2 degrees in the surrounding environment wakes us up. This disrupts sleep patterns, making a deep sleep difficult to achieve.


Electronics are a huge reason people are kept from taking part in truly restful sleep. The blue light from the screens causes brains to be confused and produce less melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical produced by the brain when the sun goes down and creates a sleepy feeling. It helps the mind orient itself, like an internal clock. Staring at a screen only tricks the brain into thinking that it’s daytime.


Alcohol only helps drowsiness for about 3 hours, then acts as a stimulant. Having a bit of alcohol before bed may sound tempting, but even though it may give a feeling of sleepiness, it fragments sleep. Broken sleep causes drowsiness.

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