3D Printing Organs?

It seems as if we are closer than we have ever been to being able to grow organs in a lab. However, there are many different obstacles that we must first pass. Including FDA testing before something like this could even be considered as an option in a life-saving operation.

Among these major problems, we are also having major issues trying to replicate the extremely small and detailed blood vessels. But the scientists and doctors believe they may know what to do. They believe that a simple food dye could be the solution to their problem.

The Risk to internal organs

It goes without saying that with something like this there is always a risk that it does not work the way it should 100 percent of the time. However many feel that this is an acceptable risk.

There are more than 100 thousand men, woman and children on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Some of which may not have a lot of time – or if they get the transplant their body could simply reject the transplant and cause almost certain death.

The Rewards

All of these people on the transplant list currently are going through a life-threatening event, or are at immediate risk of falling into that category. If we had the ability to grow or print our own organs than we would be able to make people specific organs. Using the cells of the patient themselves. This would drastically reduce the chance of an organ being rejected or being forced to take a life long perception of immunosuppressant drugs.

We could save thousands of lives each year. We would also be able to help individuals with health issues that are not currently on the transplant list. It is likely that a development like this in the medical world would seriously increase our overall medical technology. I believe this is the first step of many to create a future.

Whats next?

The world of science and technology is always growing, especially as we discover new and better ways of doing something. With that being said I think that in the future there will be much more focused attention on Medical Technology. As our society grows so does our population. This means there is a higher demand for Medical Professionals. Hopefully, we reach the point soon enough to where we can almost prevent anything, or at the very least we can protect our citizens.

Look to the stars for the future but in the meantime. Take a look at your health insurance to see how you financially, mentally and physically protected. If something does not seem right to you we have dedicated agents that can answer any of your questions you may have.

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