Medicare For All Loses Some Support Due to Cost

According to a Health tracking Poll from Kaiser Family Foundation, “Medicare For All” support has taken a hit after voters were given a description of the trade-offs the single-payer plan would require. Earlier in the season, 54% of the public supported Medicare For All (peak support). The program was described as a system that would “eliminate private health insurance, but allow people to choose their doctors, hospitals and other medical providers.

Poll Survey Results

Medicare For All (MFA) has been a hot topic in recent years due to rising health prices among those who cannot afford insurance. MFA, as described on candidate Bernie Sanders’ website, will provide comprehensive health care to every man, woman, and child in our country — without out-of-pocket expenses. Support began to drop once a description of required tax increases for employers and some individuals. This increase would go towards eliminating premiums and deductibles. Once supporters found out, the approval of Medicare For All dropped to 48%. When consumers were told the MFA was a personal tax increase to offset overall healthcare cost support dropped to 47%.

Medicare For All: How It Would Work

MFA would set payment rates for services, drugs and medical equipment. A national budget for all services that fall under its umbrella with a cap to limit overspending set by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. MFA would replace all other insurance including Employer-provided insurance, Medicaid and ultimately Medicare.

Impact On the Insurance Market

Insurance agents make up over 1.2 million US citizens, not including those who work in some capacity with companies. With the government taking over the role of the provider, we can expect a layoff of a mass proportion. Most insurance agents have been in the business for years. By eliminating the need for agents, you lose expertise on how to deal with special needs. Doctors will also feel the burden of working with more clients causing visits to be shorter and less thorough.

There are many kinks to still work out but candidates running for president hope to have them solved if elected. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the world of Medicare For All in later articles.

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