Temperature and the Body

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Temperature and the Body

As the spring season comes to a close and a bright summer draws near, people anticipate spending time on vacation. We can all imagine the beach, the warm temperature, and longing for an ice-cold beverage. Whether it is relaxing in a nice sunny place or cooling off from the rays of light-bearing heat, the temperature of a given setting impacts our bodies. Temperature is a peculiar physical measure that affects our moods, bodies, and lifestyles. New studies have shown that distinct tissues of the body react differently than others under various temperatures. Excitement abounds, as this could bring about medical breakthroughs concerning metabolic diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases.

Different Cells React Differently

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Temperature impacts nearly every aspect of our lives: what food we eat and when we eat it, what we wear, where we live and what our houses look like, how we sleep, what we pay for utilities, and what activities we take part in. Interestingly enough, temperature impacts just as much of what happens inside us as it does outside us. When we are subject to cold or warm temperatures, there is a substantial effect on metabolism and health. Also, there is a correlation between the geographic area in which someone lives and the incidence of a specific disease. Scientists have been able to determine “that temperature had major effects on the functioning of certain organs… We now know that exposure to cold promotes weight loss due to the increased thermogenesis and alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, while exposure to warmth has protective effects on certain age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis.”

Therapy Development from Temperature and the Body

This new study has shed light on alternating temperatures causing considerable effects and could help produce more therapeutic lifestyle interventions. “We first need to decipher the temperature-induced effects in an integrative manner throughout the body, and not only at a single organ level. Our work allows for precisely that– investigating and understanding the mechanisms at work in various organs simultaneously,” says Scientist Mirko Trajkovski. It is an exciting time to be alive, and who knows how far science can bring us in finding cures for diseases with the help of the sun and differences in temperature. Spending time in the sun can be beneficial, but too much sun exposure can hurt you, so make sure to read about great ways to stay cool this summer!

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