Medicaid and CHIP Fact Sheet (MAC) Scorecard

scorecardMedicaid and CHIP Fact Sheet (MAC) Scorecard

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released this morning a scorecard for the Medicaid and CHIP program. This Scorecard (the first of its kind) will be the main element of a way to bring the Medicaid and CHIP program to the future. How will these Scorecards work and what changes will it bring to the programs? Today, we will cover this and more as we take a deeper look at the Medicaid/CHIP scorecard.

How the Scorecard Will Change CHIP and Medicaid

Medicaid and CHIP are health care options for elders and children partially funded by states and the federal government. The programs provide more than 75 million Americans with coverage, and the new card will improve transparency and performance. CMS Admin Seema Verma stated that “the Scorecard will be used to track and display progress being made throughout and across the Medicaid and CHIP programs, so others can learn from the successes of high performing states. By using meaningful data and fostering transparency, we will see the development of best practices that lead to positive health outcomes for our most vulnerable populations.”

The scorecards will include measures in three areas: state health system performance, state administrative accountability, and federal administrative accountability. The card will also display mental health conditions, children’s preventive dental services, and other chronic health conditions.

Scorecard Future

The scorecard can be found here, while expectations of development in the card are to follow. The card will also be able to answer important questions about the range of Medicaid and CHIP. It is important to also recognize that the programs vary from state to state and benefits are different. Additionally, CMS has stated they will work with states to continue to improve the consistency of the scorecard in hopes to increase flexibility, improve accountability, and enhance program integrity. For more information about the scorecard, you can visit Stay tuned for more updates on the status of the scorecard.

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