As of last week, Cigna corp has decided to sell its nonmedical insurance unit to New York Life Insurance for $6.3 billion. Talks about Cigna selling this unit were brewing around early December and according to new reports New York Life decided to pull the trigger. The sell was announced […]

New York Life Insurance Purchases Cigna’s Non Medical For $6.3 ...

Women are Having Babies Later in Life
Women are having babies later in life than ever before. Discovering new factors when deciding the right time to expand their family has highly contributed to this. Women want to be independently successful before they become “tied down.” Historically speaking… The average age a woman gave birth in 1970 was […]

Why Women are Having Babies Later in Life

Some advantages of being a vegetarian? We all have heard that a vegetarian and vegan diet is better than eating meat. There are various theories over losing weight by quitting meat or living longer after you stop eating meat. Here are some scientific facts. Vegan and Vegetarian So firstly, what […]

Some Advantages of Being a Vegetarian?

Top 7  Ways to Boost your self-confidence Have you been in a situation where you thought you were not good enough for something? This is due to a lack of self-confidence. Soft skills are one of the very important sets of skills to succeed in today’s world. Especially, self-confidence is […]

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence