Uninsured Rate By State Rankings

How does your state rank in the percentage of those uninsured? A new report by Families USA has given us an updated list of the highest uninsured rate by state population for 2020. These numbers have dramatically increased since the beginning of COVID-19. With close to 5.4 million Americans losing their coverage due to job losses and being furloughed, now is the time to contact your insurance agent to make sure you and you’re family have some type of coverage.

As of May 2020, the total percentage of all uninsured adults in each state are the following:

Texas: 29 percent

Florida: 25 percent

Oklahoma: 24 percent

Georgia: 23 percent

Mississippi: 22 percent

Nevada: 21 percent

North Carolina: 20 percent

South Carolina: 20 percent

Alabama: 19 percent

Tennessee: 19 percent

Idaho: 18 percent

Alaska: 17 percent

Arizona: 17 percent

Missouri: 17 percent

Wyoming: 17 percent

New Mexico: 16 percent

South Dakota: 16 percent

Arkansas: 15 percent

Kansas: 15 percent

Louisiana: 14 percent

Virginia: 14 percent

California: 13 percent

Colorado: 13 percent

Illinois: 13 percent

Indiana: 13 percent

Maine: 13 percent

Montana: 13 percent

New Jersey: 13 percent

Oregon: 13 percent

Utah: 13 percent

Michigan: 12 percent

Nebraska: 12 percent

Washington: 12 percent

West Virginia: 12 percent

Delaware: 11 percent

Maryland: 11 percent

New Hampshire: 11 percent

North Dakota: 11 percent

Ohio: 11 percent

Connecticut: 10 percent

Hawaii: 10 percent

Kentucky: 10 percent

New York: 10 percent

Pennsylvania: 10 percent

Wisconsin: 10 percent

Iowa: 9 percent

Rhode Island: 9 percent

Massachusetts: 8 percent

Minnesota: 8 percent

Vermont: 7 percent

District of Columbia: 6 percent

Record-Breaking Numbers

The uninsured rate by state rankings is shocking, most notably Texas with an estimated 659,000 Texans losing their healthcare. The report also stated that the past few months have been the “deepest economic crash since World War II.” The pandemic has left more people uninsured than ever recorded. It surpasses the previous record by 39% from 2008-2009. Those who are not currently covered due to job loss should look into COBRA plans, which allow you to keep current coverage that your workplace provided. You also might be eligible for a special enrollment period which is a time you can sign up for health insurance outside of the yearly Open Enrollment Period. Talk to your agent today and see how they can help provide you guidance with your insurance questions.

Health Insurance Questions?

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