Why Over-Washing Certain Body Parts Is Actually Bad

overwashingWhy Over-Washing Certain Body Parts Is Actually Bad

Are you a clean freak? Do you wash twice a day and make sure not to miss a spot? Did you know there are areas of your body that you might be cleaning too often, causing your body harm? Well, today we will take a look at the areas of your body that shouldn’t be over-washed and why some parts actually work better when left alone for a day or two.

The Problem With Over-Washing

This article might have caught your attention by the title, but it turns out washing too much can actually prevent your body from working properly. Take your ears, for example. Earwax actually cleans your ears by collecting dirt and debris and then carrying them out. Cleaning your ears too often can prevent the build-up of wax causing your ear canal to be left unprotected. You should wash your face twice a day, but that doesn’t mean a deep cleaning scrub every time. According to Dermatologist, over-exfoliating your skin can be harmful and strips away your natural oils and cause you to break out. We wash our hands with bacteria-killing soaps and sanitizers. This can cause you to develop dry skin and resistance to certain types of bacteria. Over-washing your hands can lead to a weaker immune system so it’s important to remember a little dirt won’t hurt.

Other Body Parts You Shouldn’t Over-Washed

Over-washing your hair can pull your natural oils out of your hair leaving it dry. You can get rid of shampoo and do a quick scrub down if you feel your hair is getting dirty. Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you to stop picking your nose? Well, turns out those boogers are used to keep the lining of your nose moist and warms the air you breathe. Since your arms and legs don’t produce oil, washing too much with soap can actually dry your skin out. Have you ever done a colon cleanse? Your colon naturally cleanses yourself and the only time you should be doing a cleanse is before a colonoscopy.

We hope you learned something new about cleaning your body and the effects of cleaning too often!

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