Unique Travel Destinations in the USA

A road is seen with a mountain range in the background.

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The summertime usually means people are preparing to go on vacation. Traveling does not always involve venturing to a foreign land. Many unique travel destinations in the USA are available to visit. Natural landmarks, national parks, and unique exhibits are some of the distinctive places you can take flights to or drive by on road trips in exploring the country.

Where can I visit unique travel destinations in the USA?

There are plenty of places you probably have never heard of in America, and many are potentially good vacation destinations. Natural landmarks are especially poignant in providing exclusive viewpoints for travelers.

Waves crash into rock formation landmark.

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One unique pacific northwest travel destination is Thor’s Well located along the Oregon coastline in the city of Yachats. Perspective creates the illusion that Thor’s Well is a bottomless pit. However, the natural landmark is only 20 feet deep. Some researchers believe the unique formation started as a sea cave dug out by waves. Supposedly, the cave roof collapsed and produced openings at the top and bottom through which the ocean gushes. The best time to visit Thor’s Well is one hour before the high tide to see it without water and then watch how the structure fills up. It can be dangerous to get too close, so if you visit the landmark, appreciate it from a safe distance.

Wavy, colorful rocks are seen in Antelope Canyon.

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Another unique travel destination in the USA is Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona. Wind and water erosion formed the canyon over many years. The land is considered sacred to the Navajo Nation, so visiting the destination requires a tour guide. The more popular tour route displays the Upper Antelope Canyon. The wavy, colorful rocks combine with sunlight to produce a breath-taking setting that is a favorite among landscape photographers.

What national parks are unique travel destinations in the USA?

A mountain located in Grand Teton National Park is seen.

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Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, Wyoming is one of the lesser-known travel destinations in America. The park encompasses beautiful mountain-range scenery where visitors can navigate through 200 miles of hiking trails surrounded by wildlife. Serene alpine lakes provide trout-fishing opportunities for tourists as well. It is vital to be aware of safety precautions in the event of running into bears or other wild animals living in the national park.

Fort Jefferson and Dry Tortugas National Park beach is seen.

Photo by Christopher Osten by Pexels

Florida’s Dry Tortugas National Park is 100-square miles and boasts rare features that should interest tourists and underwater adventurers. The park is home to Fort Jefferson, located about 70 miles west of Key West. Seven islands make up the park and are only accessible by boat or seaplane. After acquiring a permit, visitors can go fishing in their own boat. In the evening, travelers can gaze at the stars while camping on the sandy terrain. Snorkelers and swimmers are encouraged to observe marine life and the third-largest coral reef system on earth. Before arrival, read and learn the safety guidelines for snorkeling, kayaking, weather, and wildlife.

What unique exhibits can I travel to in the USA?

In Boston resides the Mapparium experience inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library, where visitors can step inside a three-story globe depicting a 1935 global layout. The history-based visit also features an educational exhibit, Our World: Mapping Progress. The project informs tourists of achievements made since 1935 and hopes for progress in the future.

Another Massachusetts treasure is The Paper House. In 1922, Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer who created the machine that produces paper clips, built a summerhouse made of newspaper in Rockport, Massachusetts. The roof, floor, and framework of the house were all made of wood. Yet, most of the house is varnished with newspapers. Stenman invented an apparatus that rolls up newspapers tightly into a rod shape, allowing him to insulate his Rockport home. The inventor also made many furniture pieces out of newspapers, including chairs, tables, desks, and a grandfather clock. According to travel connoisseurs at RoadsideAmerica.com, “The ceiling and walls, both inside and out, were made of sheet newspaper panels, 215 layers thick, pressed and bound with a glue that Elis made of flour, water, and apple peels.” The panels’ exterior reveals an ornamental layer of newspaper-based wallpaper folded into squares and triangles and kept in place with upholstery tacks. Blizzards, rainstorms, hurricanes, and a brick fireplace with a paper mantle have not destroyed the house as it marks 100 years in existence.

Perhaps you will decide to visit one of these unique travel destinations in the USA this summer. If you want to learn more about safety in hot weather, please read about beating the heat this summer.

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