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Tobacco Program

Starting the journey to stop smoking can be completely overwhelming, especially without help. You may find help that is covered by your Medicare Part B insurance plan. Medicare offers a Tobacco Counseling Program that may help you stay on track and quit smoking for good.

The Numbers

Each year in the U.S., over 480,000 people die from the effects of smoking. It stands as the country’s top cause of deaths that could have been prevented. You are probably aware of the damage caused to the smoker, however, you may not be aware of the consequences of secondhand smoke. Each year an estimated 41,000 people die from the effects of secondhand smoke.


While most everyone seems to be aware that smoking can damage your lungs, fewer people realize that smoking can cause damage to many other organs as well. For instance, your cardiovascular system is particularly strained by it. Over time, smoking can lead to coronary heart disease and even stroke. The whole body is put at risk through smoking. Other health concerns like loss of bone density, gum disease, infertility, colorectal cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis can occur because of the increased risks caused by smoking.

Breaking the Habit

Making the decision to quit is really the first step in starting the journey to quit smoking for good. It is important to also create a list of the reasons why you want and need to quit. Refer back to that list to remind yourself of your “why” and keep yourself motivated. A good step to take when getting started is to spend some time talking to your doctor about the best approach to take and the different options available to you to help you find success on your journey. Having others involved will help you to create a support and accountability system to lean on.


Getting the support you need may be possible through Medicare’s Tobacco Counseling Program. After locating a qualified doctor, you may be eligible to receive up to 8 counseling sessions in person during one year. As long as you qualify for the program and your doctor accepts assignment, your Medicare Plan B insurance may cover the entire cost of counseling. In order to qualify, you must not already be diagnosed with a tobacco-related illness. Get started talking to your doctor right away. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late.


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