Apple Health Chips: The New Way to Track Your Internal Health

Apple Health Chips: The New Way To Track Your Internal Health

If you thought Apple was slowing down with new tech releases, it has been quite the opposite. From creating a manageable cloud for health records to its health tracking devices, such as apple watch, the company has done everything but slow down. Apple has now released a statement that it is moving towards creating its own health chip to track user data from inside the body! Today, we will look at apple remarks and explore its abilities to produce a health tracking chip.

Apple R&D Expansion

Apple has an R&D team researching the possibilities of a customized processor that will help track the care of its wearer from inside of the devices. The company hopes in the near future that they begin production of these custom chips and make improvements to hardware while protecting the data of users. Although Apple has been hush about the chip details, a job listing for ASIC architects and an engineer to help develop health, wellness, and fitness sensors seems to hint at the capabilities of Apple’s new tech. The tech is expected to be a step above the Apple Watch ability to measure heart rates with its optical sensors.

The Future of Health Chips

These chips will be used to take care of computing information coming off of its sensors. As the sensor moves through its beta and alpha testing, Apple will work with new sensors to track more of a patient’s health while improving battery and performance. The chip will be compatible with Apple products, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch. This will give consumers even more information and the ability to track their own health.

Other Tech Companies to Follow

Apple isn’t the only company pushing towards these custom chips. With Amazon, Google, and Facebook looking into creating customizable chips as well, we can expect to see integration over the next few years. Stay tuned for more information as Apple releases further plans for the chips creation.

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