Are There Health Risks In Buying a Home?

Is Buying A Home Healthy?

Buying a home is likely the most expensive thing you will ever purchase. Here are a few things to watch out for so you and your family stay happy and healthy through the entire home buying process.

1. Stress 

While stress is something we all experience day-to-day it can be exacerbated during the home buying process. It can come in the form of finding the perfect home, or maybe you found that dream home but it is too expensive. Stress can be extremely dangerous to your physical and mental health. When you feel stressed, take a break, sit back, and consider your options. House shopping is hard and generally stressful. When you’re stressed you might not make the right decision for your family. 

2. Are You Buying A Home From Smokers?

Smoking is obviously not great for your health, long and short term. If you are considering purchasing a home from smokers, find out if they smoked inside the home. If they did there could be third-hand smoke residue on the walls, floors, furniture, the ceiling and even the carpet. This residue can be around for weeks, months and even years after smoking inside.

3. Positives Mental Benefits

Buying a home can be extremely beneficial mentally. While there are some negative reasons for buying a home there are just as many, if not more, positive mental reasons buying is a good idea. You have piece of mind. When renting you tend to stress out when your lease is up: Where am I going to move next? How am I going to move? With buying a home you get rid of that constant stress.

There are also social benefits to owning a home. When purchasing a home you implant yourself into a community and neighborhood. You are not constantly uprooting your life and having to deal with making new friends and being nice to those new neighbors. This can also help relive anxiety and depression.

Buying a home has both positive and negative impacts on your health. At the end of the day you need to do whats best for your family’s health. There are good arguments for both sides. Let us know your thoughts or your experience in the comments below!

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