Health Trends in 2018 You Should Know About

Health Trends in 2018 You Should Know About

Its been a long year and many new health trends have taken over the market. Whether it was new fitness exercises, a new diet, or even alternative foods 2018 was full of health-conscious trends. What was your favorite of 2018? Which Health trends did you miss out on? Was any trend better than the rest? Find out as we recap 2018’s health trends of the year.

Wearable Gadgets

One of the biggest trends in 2018 was the adoption of fitness/health trackers from watches to phone apps. Fitness/health trackers allow the wearers to keep track of different health activity such as burned calories, miles walked, heart rate, and even sleep activity. Many of these wearable gadgets have become exceedingly popular like Fitbits, AppleWatches, motiv rings, upright go, and more.

Dietary Trends

New dietary trends blew up in 2018 whether that’s healthy frozen foods from places like Whole foods and Trader Joes. Food trends that help your bodies digestion such as fat-free, nuts and whole grains became more popular as well as foods that improve immune systems.

More Fitness

There was a rise in fitness studios in 2018 resulting in more fitness groups. These groups have evolved creating social activities that get you more active while creating a community you can rely on. High-intensity interval training although around for a few years really exploded in 2018. High-intensity training helps you burn lots of calories without requiring a lot of time.

Brain Power

Nootropics blew up early this year and are expected to only get bigger in 2019. Nootropics provide enhanced memory, creativity, and overall brain functions. These supplements can be found from online to your local Walmart so give it a try.

Genetic Testing

Ever wonder your ancestral history? Well in 2018 genetic testing became the subject to thousands as people rushed to find out more about their history and its ability to predict your health. Genetic testing has given people the ability to create better diets and fitness regimens for your genetic make-up as well as predicting inherited health concerns like cancer and diabetes.

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