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Check out the difference between guaranteed issue and simplified issue policies and see if either of these options is right for you!
You have likely heard the terms guaranteed and simplified issue in the past, but you may not fully understand the differences between the two. When learning about the different underwriting processes, it is easy to get overwhelmed with too much information, so it is important to break the info down […]

Guaranteed Issue and Simplified Issue Policies

Your teeth are an indicator of many different diseases and can give medical providers a clue as to what’s going on inside your body! Here we've put together a list of oral health-related diseases that can happen all over your body!
You’ve likely been told to brush your pearly whites more than once, but did you know brushing your teeth can help with more than just your oral health? It can help with your overall health, too! Bacteria from the mouth has the ability to travel all the way to the […]

Oral Health-Related Diseases Around the Body

Have you heard about the newest stylish home gyms sweeping the nation during the coronavirus pandemic? Check out three of the top-sellers!
With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, many are looking for ways to improve their lives at home. After all, the majority of people now work and socialize from their homes, it only makes sense that they would seek new ways to workout at home, too! Sure, there are plenty of […]

Stylish New Home Gyms Sweep the Nation

Especially in hard times, it is important to remember the three Rs: refocus, refuel, and retool.
This year has been a chaotic time and has left many feeling the effects of stress and burnout. According to ABC News, the percentage of Americans who are reporting depression and related symptoms tripled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Especially in hard times, it is important to remember the […]

Refocus, Refuel, and Retool to Avoid Burnout