Weather And Its Pivotal Role In Our Day To Day Health


weather & healthWeather And Its Pivotal Role In Our Day To Day Health

As we experience more random weather, you might have noticed a change in yourself. Whether its the pain in your joints during the cold weather or a heat stroke when its 100 degrees outside, from these small experiences we can infer that the weather does play a roll in how we feel. Today, we’ll look at how the changing in weather plays a pivotal role in our health day by day. WE WILL ALSO  and some of the most common health risk during certain types of weather.

The Weather & You

There are many links between the weather and its roll in someone’s health. A small example is the fact that when the temperature drops outside our bodies begin to feel the cold more harshly and cause us to bundle up. The same can be said about the heat outside, causing our bodies to sweat in order to control body temperature. Another example comes with the condition of heart attacks. A study in France 25 years ago discovered drops in barometric pressure before a storm causing the rate of heart attack risk to rise. A second study in 2014 found a link between heart arrhythmia and a drop in barometric pressure and an increase in humidity.

More Seasonal Effects On Health

Thunderstorms have a direct effect on asthma. Due to pollen allergens being picked up and carried by the thunderstorms. During the colder months, the circulation of your blood might be affected due to blood supply is shunted from the skin to internal organs. Think about dehydration and how it’s more prominent during high levels of heat. By losing merely 5% of your water in your body can cause you to drop tremendously in levels of energy. When its cold outside does it actually make us sicker? Turns out from spending more time inside due to conditions, creates a rise in contact with others spreading germs more easily.

Seasonal Affective Disorder?

That’s not all! A seasonal affective disorder can affect anyone on different levels. For instance, those in Seattle who experience seasons of rain have been known to experience heavier levels of depression. Or those with shorter times of sunlight feel less energized and fatigued.  When its cold outside people usually sleep more, their appetite changes, and often causes weight gain. In conclusion, the weather has different roles on our health and our bodies adapt. Who knew the environment plays such a significant role in our health! 

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