COVID-19’s Impact on the Workplace

COVID-19's impact on the workplace


COVID-19’s impact on the workplace in the United States will be felt for decades to come. Changes that companies are making will be in place long after the pandemic ends, and we will soon realize that some of these changes were bound to happen whether COVID infiltrated our lives are not. Here are some of the major changes being made to most offices around America due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rotating Days

It is very possible that in the near future, a staggering workforce could become a new normal. With people alternating which days they come into the office and which days they work from home, to minimize the number of people in the office at any one time. This would be a simple solution to help prevent the spread of COVID or any other contagious viruses/diseases that might come along in the future.

“Organizations are working out who most needs to be at the office, and capping staff numbers off at about 30%, which is probably the sweet spot for social distancing,” says Albert De Plazaola, global strategy director at Unispace.

Contactless Office

While this is an ever-evolving innovation, more offices are going with contactless features every day. For instance, instead of having a key fob to open the door or use the elevator, employees can use their smartphones with apps to do the same things. Going a step further, there are now coffee machines that can be activated via phone to eliminate everyone pressing the same buttons, like the one Perkins and Will global design will have in their new office.

Companies can also implement contactless measures to monitor the well-being of their employees, such as using a thermal body scanner to measure temperatures if someone is standing in front of it. These types of practices are being implemented all over the world to improve the safety of employees.

These changes being made to offices during the pandemic could become normal practices for businesses in years going forward. While the technological advances might cost more for some companies to invest in, the long term benefits of having these integrated into every-day office culture will be worth it over time.

We hope this information on COVID-19’s impact on the workplace is helpful. 

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