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Depression is a common condition for people of all ages and can become a hindrance to everyday life when left untreated. Finding help is essential if you are experiencing symptoms. Medicare Part B provides a once-a-year depression screening free of cost. They may also provide partial coverage for many of the prescribed treatments.  If you believe you may be suffering from depression, find help as soon as possible.

Watching for Signs of Depression

Depression may have an effect on so many different parts of your life including your relationships and your ability to manage daily tasks. Feelings of sadness, loss of interest in daily activities and hobbies, sleep changes, tiredness, lack of motivation, and fantasizing or attempting suicide are all symptoms of depression. While depression is most commonly experienced by age groups teens through 30s, the condition may affect people of all ages including young children.

The Numbers

It is estimated that as many as 4.7% of adults in the U.S. currently experience depression. Sadly, it is a top cause of disability throughout the world. Depression seems to be more prevalent among women but it may also be that women are more willing to seek out treatment than men. More serious cases may escalate to suicidal thoughts and actions. Every year in the U.S., over 40,000 people commit suicide. Recognizing the signs and finding help early on is so important in preventing suicide.

Depression Assessment

Every year, Medicare Part B insurance will cover a depression screening. The screening must be performed by a primary care doctor who will accept assignment and provides follow-up appointments and referrals. The costs of treatment may be partially covered by Medicare. Consult with your doctor and your Medicare handbook for more information on treatment coverages.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for depression include many different approaches. Antidepressants and psychotherapy are the more conventional treatments recommended by doctors. These treatments may also be combined with more holistic approaches such as correcting lifestyle habits to help manage symptoms. Additionally, therapies such as meditation, yoga, art therapy, acupuncture, and exercise may also help to treat and prevent depressive episodes. It is important to work with your doctor to create a plan that works for your specific needs.


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