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Meditation Outdoors

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Meditation is becoming more and more mainstream as many people are looking for ways to clear their heads, relieve anxiety, and connect with their deeper selves. This comes as no shock considering that science has shown us that meditation has numerous health benefits and calming effects on the mind. Thinking of trying it for yourself? Meditation can begin to appear like an overwhelming task for many beginners. Make sure to explore the many types of meditation and find a teacher to guide you through at least your first couple of practices.


There are some who set out to meditate while holding the belief that true meditation happens only by clearing all thoughts from your mind. After quickly realizing that they aren’t to do this, they may become discouraged and feel like they just cannot do it. This is far from the truth! Experiencing distractions is completely expected and normal. The goal should then be to bring your thoughts back to the present stillness. You will likely find yourself doing this numerous times throughout your practice. Meditation is a journey to train the mind. Much like you need to train your muscles to gain strength, your mind must be taught how to be still. This will only come after consistent practice over time.

The First Steps

Get started by planning out 5-10 minutes for your first meditation practice. You will want to find someplace relatively quiet so that you will have an easier time not being distracted by external factors. Sitting with your legs crossed and hands placed on your knees is one common posture. However, another position may work as well. The goal is to find a comfortable yet still alert position. You will notice that there are many different methods to approach meditation. Some methods will focus on the breath, others may include repeating a mantra silently in your mind, while others may guide you through visualizations. Spend some time exploring the different approaches to find out which one works best for you. Lastly, consistency is absolutely necessary. Just by practicing for a few minutes every day, you will start to notice results. After a few weeks, you will likely want to consider extending your practice a little longer or doing multiple sessions in a day. Once you get going it may become something you look forward to every day.


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