Getting Cold Feet?

Woman wearing socks to cover cold feet.

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Socks or the Doctor?

The phrase ‘getting cold feet’ has become synonymous with feeling nervous before your wedding, but the term can also quite literally mean that your feet are cold. Unfortunately, for some people that experience this feeling, it can indicate serious health issues.

Why You Get Cold Feet

The most obvious way you can get cold feet is if you forget to wear socks on a chilly night. However, there are a few other causes as well, and they may not be as simple.

Poor Circulation. The most common cause is poor circulation. When not enough warm blood regularly travels to your feet, they become colder than the rest of your body.

Circulation issues can be the marker of a heart condition where the heart cannot pump blood through the body fast enough. It can also be due to living a lifestyle where there are excessive amounts of sitting.

Anemia. Anemia, a shortage of red blood cells, is another common cause of cold feet. Healthy people can develop iron-deficiency anemia. Luckily, a change in diet or consuming supplements can treat the ailment.

Hypothyroidism. When the thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone, you develop hypothyroidism. The condition affects the body’s metabolism, and since metabolism controls the heartbeat and body temperature, hypothyroidism can result in less circulation and colder feet.

Should I see a doctor?

When you only have cold feet, you can ask about it at your next physical. However, it can be a little more urgent if you experience colder feet accompanied with:

It can also be a sign of a neurological condition if your feet feel cold but are not cold to the touch. At that point, you should consult a doctor right away.

In conclusion, having cold feet can seem like an average result of a cold environment. However, it is not something you should immediately disregard, as it can point to serious health conditions. Always seek advice from your doctor if you feel like something could be wrong. As a quick fix to cold feet, you can always do cardio exercises and get your blood pumping to improve circulation.

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