Mental Health Problems and How We Should Assess Them

mental healthMental Health Problems and How We Should Assess Them

Mental health has gained a considerable amount of backing over these last few years, as mental health problems arise. As we discuss the problem, more are venturing to find a solution to subdue mental illness, which is taking over our nation. According to  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 17% of adults are functioning at “optimal mental health.” So how do we build up our mental health when most of us, in fact, have our own mental issues? Today, we will discuss this and more as we look into ways to strengthen our mental health in this modern age.

Understanding the Problem

In order to understand how to strengthen our mental state, we must first know what can cause it to deteriorate. One reason is the fact that we don’t take enough time in order to invest in our own mental problems. We don’t take care of our mental health until it becomes a problem, which in return causes a bigger problem. Mental illness is also not taken as seriously as it should in culture and society. People are held back by unhelpful traditions and stigmas about mental health, causing us to not seek the help we need. Healthcare doesn’t offer enough services in order to keep an eye on mental illness. With such limited funds in its investment, we are lacking in knowledge.

Without being prepared to assess signs of mental problems, our closest friends can fall victim without us knowing.

Ways to Tackle Mental Health

In order to succeed in tackling mental health, we need to get the conversation started. We need to talk about resources and make it known to those suffering where they can find the correct resources. Talking about how mental health affects productivity at work should prompt bosses and managers to engage in this conversation and deal with these types of issues. Some people do not know who to turn to when talking about mental health, and by making it known, the proper actions can be taken. Help get rid of the stigma and let people know it’s okay to talk about mental health. Treating mental health is one thing; removing the stigma is another. This is the first step to help those around us know its okay to talk about.

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