Health Benefits of Gardening


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Gardening provides many health benefits for our bodies. Exercise, stress relief, and increasing your Vitamin D levels are just a few. There are many different ways to get active in a garden. If you don’t have your own you may be able to help in a friend’s garden or help at a local community garden. Regardless, your body will love you for it.


Spending time outside in nature is wonderful for our mental health. It is proven to help relieve stress and relax us by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Research has even shown that gardening can have a significant positive effect on anxiety and depression symptoms. The fresh air also has the added benefit of clearing out the lungs and increasing oxygen intake. Increased oxygen means an increase in serotonin which helps to effectively boost our mood.

Getting Active

There are a whole array of things you may find yourself doing in the garden. You could find yourself shoveling, digging, crawling around, or carrying things. All of these activities actually count as moderate to vigorous exercise. Additionally, gardening is considered relaxing and enjoyable by many. Working out that does not feel like it? That sounds like a dream situation for many.

Increase Vitamin D

Our bodies need sunlight in order to thrive. Sun exposure helps our bodies create Vitamin D which has a huge impact on our overall health. Getting out and getting some sun provides benefits like stronger bones, a strengthened immune system, and reduced cancer risk. Make sure to monitor your sun exposure to avoid sunburns and overexposure.

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