Working Out At Home: Stay In Shape While Staying at Home

Hitting the gym might be difficult for someone who works a full-time job. Your home workouts seem bland and you want to get fit, but it just seems impossible. Maybe its time that you switch up that boring home routine and see what the experts suggest! Today we will help create the perfect home routine workouts for the parts of your body you want to see the most growth in.

The Thing About Abs

To be frank, abs are made in the kitchen and that six-pack you’re wanting takes more commitment than simply working out. This does not mean you can skip workouts that target your core muscles that will give you the stomach you want. Planks using your forearm, ab wheel rollouts, parietal situps, and dips can help you build up your core. If you’re serious about your abs avoid refined grains carbonated beverages, potato products and anything with sugar. Following these guides will help you produce results even on a busy schedule.

Working on Your Pecs

Your pecs might be an area you want to improve on, but those push-ups just aren’t doing the job. Try expanding on those push-ups by trying incline, which gives you more of a workout and specifically works on your lower chest. You can also do the complete opposite with decline push ups which will target your upper chest for a more extensive workout. Rotate your amount of push up sets each day while throwing in mountain climbers in the end for more than enough chest workouts.

Daily Cardio

As for the best type of cardio available for you currently, we suggest a lot of running. Whether it’s a morning stroll or a three mile run at night by moving around you can hit your goals with ease. Have a bike at home? Take it out for a spin. How about jumping rope with the kids? Cardio is the easiest type of conditioning you can do so make sure you’re taking advantage. You should be doing some sort of cardio each day in order to keep your hear health in shape.

Easy Tricep Workout

There are plenty of ways to work on your triceps at home all you need are dumbbells. If you’re wanting to improve your triceps try triceps extension exercises by lifting the dumbbell above your head with both hands. You can also try triceps kickbacks for a harder workout by hanging down your arms and lifting upward with the dumbells like grocery bags. If you want to get rid of the dumbbells try tricep dips on a chair or even a park bench during lunch.

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