The Flu Epidemic in 2018 and How to Stop It

Flu epidemic: How severe is this year's fluThe Flu Epidemic in 2018 and How to Stop It

Only a few weeks into 2018 and it seems like the U.S. is being hit by a flu outbreak. Since public health authorities began keeping track of widespread outbreaks over 13 years ago, there has never been a flu spread of this level. The Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases has released a statement that this is the first year the entire U.S. Continent has had a widespread activity of the flu. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. Today, I’m going to talk about the seriousness of the flu in the United States. I will also go over how to prevent the spread.

How Serious Is the Flu in 2018?

The last big flu pandemic was in 1918 when the H1N1 virus infected 500 million people worldwide. By the end of the outbreak, there was anywhere from 50 to 100 million deaths. So how does our current epidemic compare up to other seasons? The flu this year is more severe than previous years, due to strains of H3N2, which carries a virus type that brings health complications and is harder to prevent. About 80% of cases this year contains strains of the virus, and we have already seen some hospitalization for the flu. Severe flu outbreaks can kill close to 55,000 people and with numbers like that you don’t want to risk catching it.

How to Prevent Flu Spread?

So what can you do to stay safe from the harmful spread of the flu? Well first and foremost, you could get a flu shot to prevent most strains altogether. Secondly, keeping your most visited areas clean and germ-free will stop the spread of any type of germs that could’ve ended up in your space.

Before sharing something, make sure no one is sick. Instead of coughing and sneezing in your hands, try the vampire sneeze to avoid the spread of germs. Washing your hands and keeping good hygiene, in general, will cut your risk of catching the flu tremendously. Flu season can last until May so it’s never too late to get a flu shot. Most insurance plans help cover the cost of vaccines so if you have insurance make sure to go and get yourself vaccinated! If you need help searching for an insurance that covers all your needs, give us a call at 888-539-1633.

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