Some Advantages of Being a Vegetarian?

Some advantages of being a vegetarian?

We all have heard that a vegetarian and vegan diet is better than eating meat. There are various theories over losing weight by quitting meat or living longer after you stop eating meat. Here are some scientific facts.


Vegan and Vegetarian

So firstly, what is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? As a vegan, you absolutely do not eat any animal products. If you are a vegetarian, you do not eat any animal products like meat, but you can eat animal by-products like eggs and milk.


Plants are full of healthy nutrients and contents for a healthy living. Being a vegetarian helps you reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, varying blood pressures. Moreover, vegetarians have a lower body mass index which reduces obesity and leads to good health. Vegetarians also have a lower overall risk of cancer.

Causes for being Vegetarian

Furthermore, another reason for people to turn vegetarian is an environmental concern. Killing all the animals for meat has increased tremendously over the past few decades. This has been disrupting the food chain and will impact the environment in the near future.

People have stopped eating meat also in the concern of hurting innocent animals. Animals are tortured and artificially bred to supply the demand. Many individuals are standing against animal cruelty.

Moreover, producing vegetarian food is easier and more beneficial ecologically. Planting and growing trees are always better than breeding and killing animals. It is more sustainable and prevents damage to the environment.

animal cruelty

There are individuals who are vegetarian for religious reasons as well. There are numerous religions which ask the followers to not eat meat. Religious followers are born vegetarians in the households not eating meat.

Also, avoiding meat can help you support a great cause of making sure that nature is supported and promoted. Mountains, forests, and other natural beauty need to be preserved and maintained and not exploited. Thus, vegetarian food is not a bad option after all.


Here are some deficiencies that can occur due to not eating meat. For example, iron deficiency is a common one. Moreover, you could be lacking in Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein, or Vitamin B12.

To make sure you intake these nutrients, eating sea vegetables for sufficient iron. For example, eat ample breakfast cereal, legumes, like beans, lentils, dry fruits, and others you can look up. Some sources for Vitamin D are breakfast cereal and soy milk, but sunlight is equally important.

One thing to remember after all, being a vegetarian includes eating veggies, pulses, and other healthy inputs. If you rely on fries and a greasy cheese veggie burger every day, you are hurting yourself more.


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