Gardening: Underlying Benefits

gardening benefits

We all need a productive past time. Not playing the latest video game, nor binge watching that favorite TV show. Something that gets us active and away from technology as well as active in nature. The benefits of being outside not only helps develop healthy habits but also gets us to find a passion in something we enjoy. Looking for something you can do outside that is only a few steps away? Gardening might be the thing for you! Not only is it a great way to release stress, but there is no need to travel far, get super sweaty, or spend tons of money for startup. Have we piqued your interest? Today we will cover the health benefits of gardening and why this specific past time can help you in innumerable ways.

What Better Way To Spend Outside

Being outside is good for our mind and bodies, there is plenty of research to prove these claims. But with the busy schedule of life and taking care of responsibilities, it might be hard for some of us to develop past times that are easily accessible. Gardening which has been done since the dawn of man has stood the test of time as one of the longest held activities done by humans. Whether it’s to get outside, plant food, teach us how to care for something other than ourselves, or even just for fun the benefits of gardening are unmatched.

Patience & Responsibility

As mentioned in the paragraph above gardening can help teach us patience. We tend to squirm at things we can’t control and with gardening even if you watch your plants grow all the time, they won’t grow any faster. By taking care of your garden each day, through watering it, replacing the soil, and providing the right amount of plant food you will not only be able to see the fruit of your labor but also learn to wait for the reward. Gardening also teaches you how much some things or someone can depend on you. By forgetting to water your plants can die. Not handling insect problems can cause it to be destroyed. Replacing soil can slowly cause the plants to wither. By taking care of a garden you will learn responsibility and its a much easier upkeep than having a pet.

Produce To Eat & Physical Activity

Gardening doesn’t take much income to start up and depending on what your planting it will pay for itself. For instance, why not try a vegetable garden? By taking care of a garden that produces food in a few months you could have a wide arrangement of products available for you to eat that you not only know where it comes from but also comes from your hard work. The reward of eating your own vegetables can’t be beaten. You also won’t have to be super active to take care of the garden. Besides getting a little dirty gardening doesn’t require a ton of physical movement compared to running or playing a sport outside. This gives those who are a little older something that is possible to work on without straining too hard.

Self Esteem & Stress Release From Gardening

By working in a garden studies have shown that its a great stress relief. Why you might ask? Gardening helps lower the cortisol, stress hormone, as well as causing the brain to build up self-esteem. There is plenty of conversation over why, but one key reason is due to the taking pride in the work!

Whatever your reasoning is to start gardening there are plenty of advantages to picking up a spade and start digging!

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