Brain Power: Increasing your Brain Strength

Don’t you hate it when your brain goes flat? Those times when you are trying to clear your mind of all the fog, but it seems impossible. This can be hard to overcome and can affect your work ethic, ability to communicate, and even your ability to process information. Today we will be discussing how to increase our brain power and clear up that fog that’s holding you back.

Healthy Diet & Working Out

Having more control of your brain will help you succeed in this society that relies on quick thinking. In order to make sure your brain is able to work at its full potential you must make sure your body is in the right condition. Make sure you are eating right and working out your body. Exercise helps your brains health as well as your ability to apprehend. Eating healthy meals gives your body the ability to create energy, while a healthy diet helps clear up your brain from any fogginess.

Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee might be able to give you a boost to help clear that fogginess in the morning. Caffeine makes you more alert and focused on the task at hand. Coffee effects may not be permanent, but can help you be more effective after a few sips.

Are You Getting Enough Son?

Are you getting enough sunlight? Without the proper levels of vitamin D, your brain can deteriorate faster and can even slow down your ability to process.

Correct Vitamins

You might be missing out on vitamins that help slow down memory loss of the brain. These vitamins vary in effect whether its improving memory benefits your ability to function, or even giving your brain the correct nutrients to grow and develop. Vitamins such as B12, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, and Phosphatidylserine.

Activites To Help Brain Strength

Want a fun way to increase your brain strength? Try playing games that stimulate your mind like puzzles, card games, crossword puzzles, or even a Rubik’s cube. You can also pick up a novel, which stimulates the brain’s ability to create images and enhances your ability to process. Meditating helps stimulate your brain and has been shown through research that it increases your IQ level due to its ability to spark your prefrontal cortex.

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