Tips For Protecting Yourself From The Sun

Whether you live in the hottest regions of Texas or the perfect temperature year round of California, it is important that we protect ourselves from the sun. With the serious impact of the sun on our health it is important that we take the most care in protecting ourselves from its dangerous effects. Whether its heat, the suns powerful UV rays, or even its ability to change our moods we must know how to conquer natures most powerful threat.

Avoiding the Heat

The sun has powerful effects on the human body. In the most common way, we tend to think about the sun is protecting ourselves from the heat. In order to do this, we have adapted to the suns heat in multiple ways. One way is to wear hats on days when the heat is at its peak in order to protect ourselves from its powerful waves, as well as wearing loose clothing. We have also adapted by making the heat more durable through modern inventions such as the air conditioner. Also, with modern weather tracking systems, we are able to determine the peak times of the heat to avoid being active when it’s at its strongest.

Protection from UV Rays

Another way we have discovered to protect ourselves, specifically from the uv rays of the sun was the invention of sunscreen. Sunscreens are products combining several ingredients that help prevent the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Although sunscreen is the best way to protect from these damaging rays, most people forget certain spots of their body that are just as susceptible to these rays. Most people, in fact, miss places such as the back of their necks, the nose, under the eyelids, as well as places around the lip. Leaving these spots exposed may lead to serious skin damage and at worst can cause the development of skin cancers.

Heat Exhaustion & Dehydration

The human body is anywhere from 50-65% water. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are often the cause of the depletion of electrolytes and fluids in the body. With the suns powerful rays, it can often increase these effects and put us at serious risk. In order to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion, it is important that you are drinking anywhere from eight to twelve 8-ounce glasses of water a day. It is also important to limit physical activity when the sun is at its peak in order to avoid the risk of increased dehydration & exhaustion.

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