Extension of Social Distancing Through April

On March 29, President Trump announced the extension of social distancing precautions through the end of April. This comes after two top doctors in Trump’s camp warned that up to 200,000 Americans could lose their lives to the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci believes it is “entirely conceivable that if we do not mitigate to the extent that we’re trying to do that you could reach that number.” Experts and Trump are hopeful that by extending the precautions, we have a better chance of lessening the spread of the virus and keeping more Americans alive and well.

New Deadline

President Trump was hopeful that the country could go back to work by Easter, but with updates from his trusted advisers, that date has been pushed back to April 30. The guidelines urge people to stay at home and avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people. Many health experts scoffed at Trump’s vision for an April 12 end date, but without setting dates it is hard for many Americans to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the Trump administration working diligently to get a handle on this quickly spreading virus, Americans should be taking the precautions very seriously and view the new deadline as more realistic.

Aid Has Arrived

On the same day as the extension announcement, an aircraft with gloves, masks, and other necessary medical equipment, landed in New York from China. This is one of 22 such flights scheduled to enter the United States. These flights are all expected to arrive by early April, aiding in the fight against the coronavirus. The first carrier contained over 11 million pieces of medical equipment that hospitals have found themselves running out of recently. FEMA will distribute most of the supplies among New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, while the rest will go to nursing homes in those states as well as other highly affected areas. This is just a small portion of what hospitals need currently, many have resorted to homemade supplies and are relying on donations. Receiving supplies in the millions is great, but experts suggest the number needed is in the billions, especially if this pandemic lasts through the year. Foreign governments and the U.S. government are scrambling to acquire ventilators and other medical supplies from China, the majority supplier for the U.S. in 2019. With China’s claims that their coronavirus troubles have subsided as of late, factories new and old should be able to produce plenty for other countries in need. The government is forced to rely on distributors such as McKesson Corp, Cardinal, Medline, etc. and hopes that pleas from government officials will keep the help rolling in.

Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus!

As always, stay in your homes as much as possible. Wash your hands and disinfect surfaces in your home and cars regularly. If you are still going to the office each day, sanitize your hands regularly throughout your shift and keep your workspace clean. If you feel sick, do NOT go to work, for your sake as well as those around you. Maintain a safe distance from people in public at all times, but most importantly: maintain your health! Reach out to your doctor by phone before going into a clinic or hospital.

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