Easter Celebrations Across the Globe

With the coming and going of Easter, we spent time with family, friends, and loved ones celebrating the joyous occasion. With so many around the world who observed the holiday, it shouldn’t surprise you that it is celebrated differently across the globe. Today in honor of the holiday, we will see how Easter is celebrated globally as one of the most recognized holidays on earth.

Easter In America

Easter is a remembrance in the Christian faith of the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus, who is also known by the title of Christ, is said to have brought for new life through his death and Resurrection. In America, we like to symbolize this through the hatching of eggs representing new life with chickens, bunnies, and baby animals. You might also participate in an Easter egg hunt and receive a gift basket full of treats.

Germany Ostereierbaum

In Germany, many trees are decorated with the hanging of eggs called Ostereierbaum. The eggs represent new life in the coming of the springtime to the country and this custom is widely done from Poland, Austria, and even the Ukraine.

Ethiopia, dressed in white

In Ethiopia, Easter is celebrated for 1-2 weeks. the celebration starts after a 56 day fast of a vegan diet consisting of no meat or dairy products. Families come together during this time dressed in white representing the new creation and cleaned robes through the blood of Christ.

Italy: Explosion of the Cart

In Italy, a celebration known as the Explosion of the Cart is held. The cart is lit on fire during Easter Sunday, which is filled with Fireworks set off all at once. Once everyone has gathered, the Archbishop lights a dove-shaped rocket, which represents the Holy Spirit which sets off a chain reaction of the fireworks inside the cart. this tradition is known as Scoppio del Carro.

France Omelets

France has a town called Haux, where they celebrate Easter in a big way. Using 4,500 eggs the town creates a giant omelet that can serve nearly 1,000 people. The tradition goes back to a story where Napoleon and his army stopped in the town and ate omelets. Liking them so much he had the town create a giant one for his entire army to eat.

Bermuda Kites

On Good Friday in Bermuda, locals celebrate Christ ascension after his resurrection. Flying homemade kites, the people of Bermuda use this to teach children about Christ rising into heaven.

Australia Easter Bilby

Finally, Australians celebrate Easter a little differently by getting rid of the rabbits. These animals are considered a pest due to their ability to destroy the land. In Australia, they replace the bunny with a Bilby, which looks like a cross between rabbits and mice. Australians also celebrate the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the largest annual event in the country each year.

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