Being More Productive

Does each day feel vanilla, boring, and unproductive daily? Productivity will change our daily habits and create a better environment for us. When we start accomplishing things, we have more self-respect, more joy, and a more energetic outlook on life.

Being Productive Increases Self-Respect

Being productive is one of the best ways to build self-respect. Just getting through the day is a common thing to do. It is also a common reason people have a hard time doing things that could benefit them. The key to building self-respect is going just a little way beyond what we expect of ourselves. For example, say you expected to work out for 20 minutes a day. If you hit that goal and decide to do one more exercise or a couple more reps on the same day, you just did more than you expected of yourself. Continually doing a little more than last time makes us believe in ourselves and we start carrying ourselves with dignity and confidence.

Increased Joy

When we, as humans, accomplish something, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical released when we laugh, feel good, or have fun. It is even known as the, “feel good” chemical. Setting and reaching small goals throughout the day, like reading a couple of pages from a book, or making breakfast, spikes our dopamine levels. This makes us feel good and want to get more things done. At the end of the day when we feel as though we have accomplished a lot, we will be satisfied with the day’s work. When we are being consistent in going a little further each time we hit a goal, we will begin to develop a more joyful attitude.

Energy Boost

Increasing productivity daily makes us want to be more productive. This is because of the dopamine created by your brain. Our desire to get things done shoots through the roof. Our energy levels will increase in response to being excited to do things.

Do not let the day waste away. Use your dopamine to increase your productivity and live a happy, healthier life.

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