Common Health Myths That Just Aren’t True

health mythsCommon Health Myths That Just Aren’t True

We have all heard common health myths that are supposedly tested and proven, but how do we know it’s true? From thinking the cold gives you a cold to eggs being bad for your heart health, these myths have been debunked. So what are the most common health myths that are actually just myths? Today, we will cover the most common myths about health in hopes to clear up the confusion.

Common Health Myths

One common myth that has been proven wrong is the amount of water you should drink per day. Most people will tell you is that the average person needs at least 8 glasses of water per day. Sounds like a lot, right?  Research shows that as long as you’re drinking water when you’re thirsty you will stay hydrated and healthy.

Have you heard the rumor of each day needing a multivitamin to make up for missing nutrients? Most researchers have turned down this idea and simply state unless your doctor tells you to. If you feel like you’re missing certain nutrients in your diet, be sure to have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and oils in your meals.

Have you heard that eating breakfast helps you lose weight? Turns out a study found that people who skip breakfast don’t actually overeat and consume around 400 calories less than those who do.

Sugar, the Green Stuff, and Arthritis

You know that green stuff that comes out your nose when you’re sick? Turns out that green mucus doesn’t actually mean infection. Although green and yellow mucus is more common in bacterial infections, it is not a sure sign of an infection.

Giving your kids too much sugar makes them hyper, right? Turns out studies show sugar will not cause kids to act out, hurt their school work, or make them unable to focus. That sounds like another myth, doesn’t it?

Did you know toilet seats are actually cleaner than you might think? According to research, the bacteria really lies on bathroom door handles and floors, so be sure to use hand sanitizer.

Anyone ever tell you cracking joints causes arthritis? A Study was done by a doctor who cracked his joints his whole lifetime proved that this is not the case.

If this isn’t enough proof, check out this article on sneeze myths! No matter what you hear its important to go and check your sources because a lot of facts can actually turn out to be nothing but myths. Stay tuned for a part 2 of common health myths in coming weeks!

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