Get Your Beauty Sleep

Key to natural beauty also includes a proper and healthy sleep schedule. Glowing and clean skin, no marks or dark circles, removal of dead skin, and efficient weight loss are some perks of adequate sleep.

Enough sleep at the right time

It is not only important to get enough 7 to 8 hours sleep, but also to sleep at the right time.

Our body needs to be resting when the skin cells are trying to repair themselves. 10 PM to 2 AM is the time at night when our body releases maximum amounts of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which enhances the production of the growth hormone important to anti-aging.

Sleep enough to lose weight

Staying up late at night generally will cause you food cravings and temptations to eat unhealthy food. Thus, going to sleep early would reduce your cravings and successfully lead to weight loss.

Keep your skin glowing

Are you using cosmetic products with chemicals to try and keep your skin glowing? Lack of adequate sleep leads to low blood pressure which makes your skin look dull and the skin loses its glow. It also makes your eyes look puffy. Why don’t you merely try to stay hydrated and take enough sleep?

Sleep in absolute darkness for a glowing skin

You need to sleep in as much darkness as you can, as light distracts your circadian rhythm; hence, reducing the production of anti-aging growth hormones. Production of Melatonin is also affected by circadian rhythm of the pineal gland. This includes keeping the bathroom lights off when you are using it in the middle of the night.

Temperature while sleeping

It is very common to reduce the temperature of the air conditioner and get inside a warm comforter for a comfortable sleep. This is not a very healthy practice. Your body needs to cool down at night in order to release Melatonin. 70-degree F or 21-degree C is an ideal temperature to sleep in.


Sleeping is good, but our body does not need to rest for more than 8 to 9 hours. If you consistently need to sleep for more than 9 hours, it is recommended you visit a doctor for any underlying deficiencies or conditions.

How to get to bed on time

Our body takes 21 days to adjust to anything new and inculcate the habit in our routine. Try to go to bed at your desired time (preferably between 9PM to 11PM) for a few days in the beginning and wake up early (8 hours after you go to bed). If you try to follow this for about 3 weeks, you should be able to wake up even without an alarm in your 4th week and you should be sleepy at the time you decided to go to bed without much effort.

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