Top Health Tech at CES 2020

Top Health Tech at CES 2020

CES is known as the Consumer Electronics Show. This trade show is a trade show that shows off the best new innovations from big and small companies that could make everyday lives better for everyone. Here’s some of the top health tech we saw this year.

Mateo Smart Bathmat

This is a very sophisticated bathmat that automatically tracks your Weight, Body Composition and even posture. Yes, gone are the days of the traditional scale. Let’s get real. Who has time to get on a scale when you can have a bathmat that does it for you? While you’re getting ready no less. This mat has a unique app that lets you connect to your bathmat and is water-resistant.

Withings ScanWatch

“Withing’s latest smartwatch, the ScanWatch, has a one-lead electrocardiogram for checking for arrhythmia, measures blood oxygen levels and can continuously monitor for possible atrial fibrillation. It will also be able to check for sleep apnea,” states

Bisu Body Coach

Bisu is a smart urine test. This test tells you about your body and gives you advice. The at-tome urine tests can tell your hydration levels, electrolytes, dietary acid load (through pH levels) and ketones.

About Care Glutrac

“Glutrac promises to test your blood sugar levels without a finger prick — it uses an algorithm instead. The tech is not ready for the US yet, but we could expect to see it in the next few years,” states

Kyocera Smart Carb Monitor

“Kyocera is also working on technology that can also keep tabs on your blood glucose. Unlike Glutrac, this prototype device estimates carbohydrate metabolism by measuring pulse-wave patterns from a user’s heartbeat. Kyocera plans to launch it in Japan this year, and it could eventually make its way to the US,” states

Heart Hero

This is a small portable AED (atrial defibrillator.) This device can be used at home and is used for sudden cardiac events. It uses AI to alert Emergency services and detect heart rhythm to see if a shock is necessary to save a life.


This device has 10 different Medical Diagnostics that allows your doctor to monitor you remotely.  The device includes attachments for the heart, lungs, blood oxygen level, nose, throat, mouth and more.

Valencell Blood Pressure Sensing Earbuds

“Valencell Earbuds have sensors that can detect blood pressure in as little as 30 seconds and show the reading in real-time on the accompanying app,” states

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