How to travel on a Budget?

How to travel on a Budget?

Get the best airfares, hotel deals, and trip advice. Plan your trip to set and manage your travel budget!

As you are traveling, the first thing to do is to plan it well. Plan the days you the place you are visiting. Setting your travel budget is important. You might end up spending higher than what you thought might if you don’t have a fixed budget.

Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Generally, flight prices depend on supply and demand. The demand for the flights over the weekends is higher as compared to that on the weekdays. Instead of flying with your kids and family on Fridays or Saturdays, book a trip from Thursdays to Mondays. Similarly, prices are higher around the holidays. You can save a lot of money if you decide to leave a day or two early. Moreover, you also skip the crowd.


Track your flight to get the price drop

Flight prices are fluctuating as per the availability and vacancy. If you keep track, you can catch the lowest fare. Booking in advance is also a good way of getting a cheaper flight. Last moment flights are generally meant for corporate or business purposes where the fare is not the biggest deal.

Long layovers are not a bad idea

If you are on an international trip, you can go ahead a take up a cheaper flight with long layovers. For example, if your flight is from Dallas to London, you might look for a cheap flight with a 15-20-hour layover somewhere like Dublin. You could go around the city and get a couple of beers before getting a hotel and returning to the airport in the morning. This may save up a few hundred dollars.

You can sort your flights according to the duration of a layover on google flights to make your search easier.

Call the hotel directly

You will always get the best prices if you call the hotel directly. The travel agencies and the middle people need to be paid commissions by the hotel. Calling them directly can get you the room at a much less price. You can also get a hotel to match the price with one of the other cheaper ones if you ask. Moreover, another benefit is of getting an upgrade. If you inform the front desk of an occasion like your anniversary or birthday, there are high chances of getting cheaper or complimentary upgrades.


Stay aware of the big events

Make sure you are aware of the big events in the hotel or around the city. If there is a huge conference in the hotel you are planning to stay or in the nearby hotels, the prices are going to be super high.

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Stay in apartments

If you are planning to go on a trip with a big family, staying in an apartment can be cheaper and more fun. Separate bedrooms and a living room make it easier to put the kids to bed. Also, you can have a personal laundry which is always handy.

Staying on the outskirts

Instead of getting the hotel in the heart of the city, prefer living on the outskirts. You can find less expensive and good hotels outside the city center. You can always drive or take public transport cheaper to the attractions in the city.


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