Migraines: Causes and Cures

Migraines have a number of causes, and there are also many cures. Experts share what you might be doing to indirectly cause migraine headaches, and what they’ve recently discovered to relieve them. There are many simple ways to prevent migraines. The surprising main cause is the new medication you may be prescribed.

Caffeinated Headaches

Most pain aids contain caffeine as a form of relief from migraine headaches. But did you know a large amount of caffeine is actually one of the leading causes of migraines? A 2019 study by the American Journal of Medicine shows caffeine as a migraine trigger. Experts monitored 100 migraine sufferers for 6 weeks, tracking when the pain occurred and their caffeine intake. Researchers found that three servings or more of caffeine each day corresponded with a migraine by the end of the day. Limited amounts of caffeine were not found to cause any issues, neither were foods containing caffeine because of the low amounts. While caffeine is not the only cause of migraines, it is prevalent in many of our lives and can be avoided to keep migraines at bay.

New Migraine Medication

In October 2019, the FDA approved a new medication to provide relief for migraine sufferers. Prescription Reyvow is not available to those who qualify per a doctor’s discretion. While it doesn’t prevent migraines, it can relieve pain and other symptoms within two hours. The American Migraine Foundation estimates that 28 million women suffer from migraines, and they have been ranked as one of the top ten disabling conditions. Migraine symptoms keep production levels down and may cause lost workdays. While Reyvow doesn’t prevent the causes, it can be one of the cures for migraines. The nausea, sensitivity to light, and vision changes keep sufferers from a productive life.

Migraine Triggers

Stress: Working multiple jobs, or working long hours and being a parent, are factors that can lead to stress. Overexerting yourself can cause painful headaches, leading to migraines. To avoid stress-induced migraines, take short breaks throughout the day to let your mind rest. Practice breathing exercises or do something relaxing such as reading a book or listening to soft music.

Skipping meals: Without eating, your blood sugar can drop. Hormones are then released signaling that you’re hungry. These hormones may increase blood pressure and tighten blood vessels, causing a headache. Be sure you are taking the proper breaks throughout the day to eat regularly. Keep snacks on hand at work and during your busiest times. Ensure you are getting all your daily vitamins and nutrients as you balance breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep can cause the creation of proteins in the body that cause chronic pain. They can reduce the body’s threshold for experiencing pain, causing headaches. Your body suffers in so many ways when you don’t get enough sleep. So do yourself a favor and get 6-8 hours of sleep each and every night.

Humidity: Weird, but true! Cloudy, gray skies can bring migraines rolling in. The pressure changes are thought to trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain. The irritation of nerves causes headaches to come on strong. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to control the weather. But, keeping track of changing weather conditions can help you avoid too much pain. Taking a safe, over-the-counter pain reliever when you feel a headache coming on; drinking plenty of water; and even breathing in soothing scents such as lavender oil or rosemary oil can be beneficial.

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